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3500 Lawndale Drive    Greensboro, NC 27408

Invest in Yourself...Permanent Cosmetics
 Melissa Bittinger 

 Certified Permanent Cosmetic Artist (CPCA)   2001-present

Licensed Manicurist (Nail Technician)   1994-present

Licensed Esthetician (Skincare)   2005-present
Melissa has been offering Permanent Makeup services  in the Greensboro, NC area   since 2001.  In addition she has been  in the Beauty Industry since 1994 as a Manicurist/Nail Technician,  Esthetician, Salon Owner, Educator, and award winning Competitor. 

"The  Painted Tulip is a unique studio/salon separated but attached to my home. It's a comfortable and relaxed space with lots of "eye candy" around - artisan jewelry (made by Linda Bittinger - mom! ) and other stuff made by me - photography prints, polymer clay figurines, art and more. 

I down-sized and moved to a "home-based" business  in 2009 after 14 years of leasing commercial spaces  in Greensboro from 1995 -2009 under the business names 'Off the Beaten Path Mini Day Spa' and 'Artspa'.  

I've loved all my business names and previous locations but  "becoming"  The Painted Tulip represented getting planted in one place. So with a fresh start, and without the distractions of operating a bigger salon/spa, I can focus 100% on providing the quality and attention to detail I thrive on and that made me successful  at the start of my career...whether I'm doing permanent makeup for a client,  their nails or a skincare service. 

 It's one on one time with each client.  I would love to have You as a client too!"

                                                                                              Hope to hear from you soon,
                   Melissa  Bittinger